DIY Installation Instructions

I.) Open the headlight bucket or fairing (refer to your service manual for instructions) and disconnect OEM bulb from OEM harness.

II.) Connect the bulb to the ballast with the two cables (1) and plug the connector from the HID kit into the OEM harness (2).

III.) Once connected, test the kit to make sure you've got it right. Remove the HID bulb from the protective white/clear plastic case and if your bulb has a white/clear plastic washer right under the read rubber seal, remove that too. All white/clear plastic should be removed prior to mounting the bulb into the headlight. If the bulb does not fit snug, add the rubber seal from your stock bulbs as well, but do not force the bulb if the fit is too tight. Do not touch the bulb with your fingers. If you do, clean the bulb with rubbing alcohol prior to installation. Any amount of grease left on the bulb will cause it to burn prematurely.

Test prior to closing your headlight bucket up. If lights don't turn on, reverse the polarity (simply connect the lights backwards from what you connected them the first time). This reffers to the connector that attaches to your OEM connector (the one you disconnected from the OEM bulb).

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